Definitions for "Sensation"
An impression, or the consciousness of an impression, made upon the central nervous organ, through the medium of a sensory or afferent nerve or one of the organs of sense; a feeling, or state of consciousness, whether agreeable or disagreeable, produced either by an external object (stimulus), or by some change in the internal state of the body.
A purely spiritual or psychical affection; agreeable or disagreeable feelings occasioned by objects that are not corporeal or material.
A state of excited interest or feeling, or that which causes it.
the process that detects stimuli from the body or surroundings. (152)
The power or ability to see, hear, smell, taste or touch.
How sense organs respond to external stimuli and transmit the responses to the brain. go to glossary index
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"Sensation" is a song written by Pete Townshend of The Who. It appears as the eighteenth track on the group's first rock opera, Tommy (1969). After the mirror is smashed in Smash the Mirror, Tommy is suddenly awoken from his deaf, dumb and blind state.
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Sensation is a Dutch indoor dance-event that is held in Amsterdam Aren A.
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Sensation is a Fantasy class cruise ship, which began operation with Carnival Cruise Lines in 1993.
According to the empiricists, the primitive experiences that emanate from the senses (e.g., greenness, bitterness).
a mental fact different in kind from any merely organic change, and inexplicable by it
a simple fact of consciousness which is referred to some definite sense-organ
someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
an elementary change in the state of our inner life, produced, or so it appears to us, either by some change in the state of the outer world in relation to our inner life, or by a change in our inner life in relation to the outer world
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