Definitions for "Straight bond"
Bond which will pay back the principal on its maturity date, will pay a specified amount of interest on specific dates, and does not carry a conversion privilege or other special features.
The straight or 'plain vanilla' bond is the most common debt security and all other bond types are variations of, or additions to standard straight bond features. An investor pays a single capital sum to receive interest payments, called coupons, until a fixed maturity date when the last coupon is accompanied by redemption of the bond's face value. The coupon is simply a fixed rate of interest - paid annually or semi-annually - on the principal sum or face/par value. The debt is of fixed maturity - the principal redemption date. The maximum term is 30 years, but 7-10 years is most common.
a bond with a fixed payment schedule with no special characteristics, such as convertibility into stock or a variable interest rate