Definitions for "Vanilla "
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A genus of climbing orchidaceous plants, natives of tropical America.
The long podlike capsules of Vanilla planifolia, and Vanilla claviculata, remarkable for their delicate and agreeable odor, for the volatile, odoriferous oil extracted from them; also, the flavoring extract made from the capsules, extensively used in confectionery, perfumery, etc.
Pleasant (in the right quantity) scent imparted by ageing in oak casks.
slang for things that are not “kinky” or not related to sexual Dominance and submission.
Principally, non-BDSM, although can imply straight ness of any form. Often considered derogatory, since the common implication is "boring."
Conventional, non-SM sex and or play.
Vanilla is a WikiClone written in REBOL. It is useful for collaboratively working on projects, tracking todo items, managing adresses, and creating Web logs. All page editing takes place in the browser. Vanilla features a simple templating system, a full-featured user and session management system, and an extension architecture for writing simple Web applications in REBOL.
Plain ordinary sex namely oral and anal.
the standard version, with no extra features, like a pine casket.
A simple option whose terms and conditions do not include any provisions other than exercise style, expiry and strike. To compare with exotic options which have additional terms.
This is a basic option that only includes the exercise price, expiry and strike.
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Vanilla was a girl band from Barnet, London, England which released two singles for EMI records in the late 1990s. The first was called "No Way No Way", and reached number 14 in the the UK Singles Chart in 1997. It was based on Piero Umiliani's Mah Nà Mah Nà.
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Vanilla is an Open Source realtime rendering engine under windows and linux. It uses opengl or d3d for rendering and features flexible scene graph, plugin-in based object management system, intergrated c-like scripting system and more.
Descriptive of people who are not active in the BDSM scene; e.g. "vanilla sex."
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Rich, warm, sweet. Calming. **If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before using any products directly on your skin containing vanilla
Component detectable in the "nose" of a wine. The novice taster can compare odors with the vials of artificial ones provided in kit form (see also sweet, tarlike).
When talking about "regular" people not into the lifestyle.
Someone who isn't in the lifestyle. Alternatively, sexual behavior which doesn't encompass BDSM activity. The term is sometimes used in a derogatory sense.
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vanity page vapourware
Vanilla is a free lightweight and extensible open source forum software developed by Mark O'Sullivan using PHP scripting language and My SQL database management system.
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Soothing, uplifting aroma.
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Simplest form of a contract.
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No modifications
Off-the-Shelf products with little to no customization to meet the user's needs