Definitions for "Molecules"
When two or more atoms bond together, they are called molecules. Examples include water (H2O - two atoms of hydrogen and one of water), carbon dioxide (C02 - one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen)
the smallest particle of a substance; molecules are made up of one or more atoms. (Back to "Warning, the rays of the sun can be dangerous") (Back to "The Hole in the Ozone Layer")
the smallest single components of all living things that make up the structure of cells and tissues and perform all the life processes of the cells and the body.
a widespread and important mechanism for establishing asymmetry in eggs and somatic cells
a widespread phenomenon among eukaryotes
an important task in molecular biology that facilitates cloning, mutagenesis and creation of chimeric genes
a very challenging task, even if limited to secondary structure
a limiting factor in mitochondrial fission
a unimolecular reaction which is not concentration dependent
a time-consuming and laborious part of the Human Genome Project
a powerful mechanism for generating cell polarity
Proteins found on the surface of most mammalian cells that communicate with the immune system and allow for the detection of foreign substances.
a major goal in the area of agricultural biotechnology
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a plant DNA molecule and the trait is a plant genetic trait