Definitions for "Decibel "
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A reference for the measurement of sound energy. The minimum change in volume that the human ear can perceive. Named after Alexander Graham Bell. A decibel is 1/10th of a Bel.
One tenth part of a Bell. Used to indicate audio levels. Uses a logarithmic scale where 10dB is a difference of 10 times the power. 10 more dB (20dB) makes a difference of 100 times the power, etc. Designed to match the hearing level differences in the human ear.
The standard unit of measuring differences in the expression of relative power or amplitude. One dB is the smallest change in loudness most people can detect. A 1 dB difference is barely noticeable, while 10 dB higher volume will sound twice as loud. Each 3 dB increase in volume level requires roughly double the amplifier power.
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Decibel is a realtime communication framework based on Telepathy. It is meant to integrate VoIP, text chat, CTI , and similar applications into the user's desktop. Decibel consists of a desktop neutral policy daemon called Houston and desktop specific components for user interaction.
Decibel is a new communication framework for KDE4, the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. Decibel aims to integrate all communication protocols into the desktop. As of now they have all their contacts in different applications: AOL, MSN, E-mail, Skype, etc.
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