Definitions for "Jamboree"
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an assembly of boy scouts, usually at the national or international level, including camping among the activities; -- a term adopted by the Boy Scouts organization.
A big world or national camping event which brings together Scouts from every corner of the world or nation. Each is held every four years.
a gathering of Scouts from
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Jamboree is the second album by Beat Happening, released in 1988 through K Records/Rough Trade Records. All songs were produced by Steve Fisk with Screaming Trees members Mark Lanegan and Gary Lee Conner (who plays a brief guitar solo on "Midnight a Go-Go"), except "Cat Walk," produced by Patrick Maley, and "The This Many Boyfriends Club," recorded live by Rich Jensen. The album marks a darker approach to the Twee pop for which the band is known.
Jamboree is the second full-length release by Marietta, Georgia jangle poppers Guadalcanal Diary. The album was released in 1986.
A noisy or unrestrained carousal or frolic; a spree.
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a large festive gathering.
a gay festivity
a model horse collector's convention second to Breyerfest in size; held in California annually in August.