Definitions for "Strengths"
the core skills, abilities, and attributes that make you uniquely valuable in the work environment. We identify your strengths, then create a strategy to weave them into all of your messaging. The result: nothing is left to chance. Because your messaging is crystal-clear, everyone knows who you are and what you can do for them. (See more under "5 Strengths".)
Are the things we do well, our values, the skills or attitude that have helped us through hard times, the things that make us smile, and even the things that others like about us. Sometimes strengths can be discovered by looking at ourselves from a different perspective. Look at the positive aspects of the situation. A Wraparound Team may need to spend some time developing a list of child/family strengths this is a Strengths-base Assessment.
A company's strengths are the things it does well. It may have a dominant market share or have a low turnover rate, etc. Strengths are also part of a SWOT analysis, the abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
physical and psychosocial capabilities, the cultural and religious values and beliefs, and the spiritual dimensions of persons or families which enable them to cope with the challenges of daily living.
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The concrete mix designs produce consistently very high 28 day strength. See Mix.