Definitions for "SCH"
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Santander Central Hispano
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STUDENT CREDIT HOURS. Student credit hours (SCH) is a measure of academic load for a student, a course, an academic unit (department or college), or the University as a whole.
A credit hour is a unit of measure representing an hour of instruction that can be applied to the total number of hours a student needs for completing degree requirements; course credits are the number of credit hours assigned to a particular course which a student earns upon successful completion. Student Credit Hours (SCH) result from multiplying course credits by the number of enrolled students, and are used as the basis for computing student FTE for funding and resource-matching purposes. For example, 10 students in one 3-credit class generate 30 student credit hours.
Student Contact Hour. one student receiving one hour of instruction from an instructor in a formal learning setting.
Synchronisation CHannel
The SCH is a special channel reserved within a cellular mobile phone network for synchronization purposes. The SCH is broadcast by the base station to enable the mobile terminals within its cell synchronize themselves with the network. This involves alignment in terms of the operating frequency and system time as well as other important system information such as system identification numbers.
Synchronization Channel; downlink only frame synchronization and identification of base station.
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Scythed Chariot (a DBA troop type)
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Sole Community Hospital. A hospital which (1) is more than 50 miles from any similar hospital, (2) is 25 to 50 miles from a similar hospital and isolated from it at least one month a year as by snow, or is the exclusive provider of services to at least 75 percent of its service area populations, (3) is 15 to 25 miles from any similar hospital and is isolated from it at least one month a year, or (4) has been designated as an SCH under previous rules. The Medicare DRG program makes special optional payment provisions for SCHs, most of which are rural, including providing that their rates are set permanently so that 75 percent of their payment is hospital-specific and only 25 percent is based on regional DRG rates.
See Sole Community Hospital.
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Sch is the trigraph used in German to represent //, the sound of the 'sh' in the English word "fish".
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Shelter Care Home
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Schedule+ File