Definitions for "Curly"
Keywords:  wavy, birch, maple, veneer, distorted
The term used for a wavy or curly figuring produced by distorted fiber growth that reflects light differently. Most commonly available in Walnut and Maple veneers.
Figure which occurs when the fibers are distorted producing a wavy or curly effect in the lumber or veneer. Primarily found in maple or birch.
Results from distorted growth of fibers in the trunk of the tree that gives a wavy or curly appearance in the veneer. This figure is usually most common in Birch. No good illustration of the figure appears herein, but a combination shown: (example 1,2) this provide a good example.
Keywords:  wiry, teas, leaf, pekoe, whole
Leaf appearance of whole leaf grade teas such as OP, as distinct from 'wiry'.
Used when describing whole leaf grades such as orange pekoe as opposed to wiry.
The curling appearance of some whole-leaf teas.
Thaddeus Gammelthorpe, better known as "Curly," is a fictional nerd with a bowlcut on the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!. He usually plays a minor role.
Keywords:  crinkled, ripples, tending, full
Curling or tending to curl; having curls; full of ripples; crinkled.
Long, silky, curly loft gives this fabric incredible texture and softness.
Keywords:  envied, waves, hair, naturally, her
(of hair) having curls or waves; "they envied her naturally curly hair"
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'Curly' was a song recorded in 1969 by English rock group The Move.