Definitions for "CEMETERY"
An isolated suburban spot where mourners match lies, poets write at a target and stone-cutters spell for a wager. The inscriptions following will serve to illustrate the success attained in these Olympian games: His virtues were so conspicuous that his enemies, unable to overlook them, denied them, and his friends, to whose loose lives they were a rebuke, represented them as vices. They are here commemorated by his family, who shared them. In the earth we here prepare a Place to lay our little Clara. Thomas M. and Mary Frazer P.S. -- Gabriel will raise her.
A place or ground set apart for the burial of the dead; a graveyard; a churchyard; a necropolis.
Large parcels of land used for burying deceased persons. May be public or private, the private usually being of a specific religious denomination.
a history of people - a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today
an active part of our community of today and a tribute to our community of yesterday
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Cemetery was the first LP release by the Montreal-based Canadian garage-rock band Deja Voodoo. The album was recorded in Studio Secret, save for the title track, which was recorded "in Bob's basement".
an open-air reference library, a statuary park, a gallery of architectural styles, a carefully constructed model landscape, a repository of community memory, a complex cultural artifact
The part of the winery where wines from very old vintages are stored. It is usually underground and the space reserved is usually small.
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an artefact, which is the product of many processes
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a man-made landmark
a type of facility normally not welcome in Mediterranean cities
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means the Cemetery Corporation in its entirety.
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a history of people and the community they lived in