Definitions for "Spines "
A sharp pointed, stiff body arising from the epidermis; in grasses these are usually flattened and modified inflorescence branches.
Sharp outgrowths of the twig, sometimes but not always paired at the nodes. Similar to "Prickle".
modified leaf or stem forming a woody, sharp point; may also refer to points on a leaf
Spines is a generic messaging infrastructure that provides transparent unicast and multicast communication over dynamic, multi-hop networking environments, providing automatic reconfiguration and network topology flexibility. It is useful for deploying overlay networks in the Internet, to achieve additional services not available in the current networking infrastructure (e.g.
Keywords:  ramps, jump, platform, tiny, straight
Two ramps put back to back with a tiny platform on top of the ramps. Basically you jump straight up on one side and come straight back down on the other side.