Definitions for "Screed"
A strip of plaster of the thickness proposed for the coat, applied to the wall at intervals of four or five feet, as a guide.
A wooden straightedge used to lay across the plaster screed, as a limit for the thickness of the coat.
The leveling of concrete to the correct elevation during a concrete pour. A screed is also a tool for striking off the concrete surface.
An harangue; a long tirade on any subject.
From Blogistan [someone wrote a long screed about the lame LA Times article on Weblogs
a long monotonous harangue
Keywords:  shrill, martial, loud, breach, rent
A breach or rent; a breaking forth into a loud, shrill sound; as, martial screeds.
Sealant Sealer Segregation Separation Set-Retardation
Keywords:  shred, fragment, portion
A fragment; a portion; a shred.
Keywords:  stucco, rod, plane, uniform, thickness
A tool used to establish a flat plane and uniform stucco thickness. Also see Rod.
Keywords:  script, letter
A letter, a script.