Definitions for "Interlocutor"
One who takes part in dialogue or conversation; a talker, interpreter, or questioner.
the performer in the middle of a minstrel line who engages the others in talk
a person who takes part in a conversation
An interlocutory judgment or sentence.
(Scots Law): A judgement or order of a court or of the Lords Ordinary, signed by the pronouncing or presiding judge (short of the final judgement). `Interlocutors, correctly speaking, are judgments or judicial orders pronounced in the course of a suit, but which do not finally determine the cause. The term, however, in Scotch practice, is applied indiscriminately to the judgments or orders of the Court, or of the Lords Ordinary, whether they exhaust the question at issue or not' (Bell Dictionary of the Law of Scotland 1861).
A decision or order by the court given during the proceedings but not the final decision.