Definitions for "Curves"
A set of drawing tools available from the AutoShapes toolbar. Choose Curve to draw a curved line, Freeform to draw an object with both curved and straight segments, or Scribble when you want an object to look as though it were drawn with a pen.
Track bent to form 90, 120, 135 and 150 degree angles. Radii for standard models are 10" (254mm) and 14" (356mm). Wide Body models are 22" (599mm). Special curves and radii are available.
Gā€ Scale equivalents: Railroad curves are actually a bit complex - not just a simple radius. They are measured in degrees of curvature per 100 ft. To simplify this, a very sharp curve for a 3 ft. narrow gauge railroad is 30 degrees. The equivalent curve in a ā€œGā€ Scale layout is about a 7 ft. radius. Most modern railroads like to keep the curves to less than 2 degrees. To reduce the high degree of wear, many curves have automatic grease units built into the rail to help reduce friction.
All wireframe geometry is called a curve. Curves are labeled with the C prefix (C542).
A Curve in Digital image editing is a way to emphasize colours or other elements in a picture.