Definitions for "Horns"
an extension of the beard turned upward like little spears.
an extension of the beard turned upward like spikes and disconnected from the falls
spikes of rock that are used for protection or holds. Chickenheads is a synonym.
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Mammal similar to our male white tailed deer.
The horns are paired contour feathers on top of the head of the bird. Often they are in bright colors and distinctive to the species.
The last element to be tied onto an Atlantic Salmon fly before the head. Traditionally there were of Macaw tail feathers and are set above the wing and topping.
consist of an inner, boney core covered by an outer sheath that is much like our fingernails. Horns are not shed annually as are antlers. They are found in the Bovidae family (bighorn sheep and mountain goats), and in pronghorns.
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Projection on the cill of a window or door frame to help build it into a wall
Extended ends of door or window stiles which protect the corners from damage while in storage.
The name given to the excess wood at the top and bottom of a new door. Designed to protect the door whilst in transit. Must be removed before the door is hung.
Spurious high-resistivity anomalies found on induction log curves inside the upper or lower boundary of a resistive bed in which the apparent resistivity markedly contrasts with that of a conductive adjacent bed. A result of improper boundary compensation for the level of formation resistivity being logged.
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The jaws of booms. Also, the ends of crosstrees.
The shaped ends or the chocks to which the main horse is bolted.
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Abbreviation for French horns. General term in musical jargon for the brass and/or wind section of a band or orchestra. (3) The treble or high frequency portion of a PA speaker system. The horns work in conjunction with mid-range and bass bins to give high-quality response over the entire audio range.
Horn-shaped structures seen in transverse sections of the spinal cord formed by the anterior column of the cord, the lateral column of the cord, and the posterior column of the cord.
The parts on a wristwatch case, usually joined to the central piece, to which the straps are attached.
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The part of the lever, in the lever escapement, which forms the ears of the notch.
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