Definitions for "AAS"
atomic absorption spectrometry. a method of analyzing artifact composition similar to optical emission spectrometry (OES) in that it measures energy in the form of visible light waves. It is capable of measuring up to 40 different elements with an accuracy of c. 1 percent.
Atomic absorption spectroscopy or atomic absorption standard
Atomic absorption spectroscopy. an analytical technique which uses the absorption of light to measure the concentration of gas-phase atoms. Since samples are usually liquids or solids, the sample must be vaporized. Used particularly to determine metals.
Author's Alterations. Changes in copy or artwork after it has been typeset and sent to the printer. The additional costs incurred by AAs are charged to the client, not the printer.
Author's Alterations. Changes or corrections made to a proof by the client.
Annual Authorizations Service. This Copyright Clearance Center license authorizes businesses with more than 750 employees, or law firms of any size, to make unlimited photocopies, for internal use, of excerpts from journals, magazines, newspapers and other materials in Copyright Clearance Center’s repertory of works. Customers pay an annual license fee for the service. For organizations with less than 750 employees see the Photocopy Authorization License. Effective August 1, 2004 the Annual Authorizations Service and the Photocopy Authorizations License will no longer be offered to new customers. These options will be replaced by the Annual Copyright License.
a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs.
Austrian Arab Horse Society
American Astronautical Society.
Aeromedical Airlift Squadron (USAF)
Asian-African Summit. Held in Jakarta in April 2005, 50 years after the 1955 Asian-African Conference and resulting in commitment to policitcal, economic and socio-cultural cooperation via the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP).
Adventure Activity Standards, a Victorian Government-funded project to regulate the conduct of outdoor activities
alternate air source. Secondary air source taking a variety of configurations: an extra second-stage regulator (octopus) attached by a low-pressure hose from the first-stage regulator, an extra second stage (AIR) integrated into the low-pressure inflator of the buoyancy compensator (BC), or a totally redundant air system such as a pony bottle or Spare Air©.
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
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Alive And Smiling
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ANIMATION Autodesk Animator{TM
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Acrylate acrylic styrene
Australian Accounting Standard
Australian Accounting Standards
The halo of atmospheric sound which is produced by an instrument, especially the tanpura
an associate degree conferred for successful studies in applied science.
Community College degree, Associate Applied Science Degree, frequently the degree designation for a 2-3 year degree in nursing.
Associate of Applied Sciences
Advanced Automated System (program) (FAA)
Advanced Application Services
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Adaptive Antenna System
All America Selections. (To be continued.)
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Analysis of Alternatives Study