Definitions for "RSL"
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Registered Social Landlord. is “Registered” with Housing Corporation in England or Welsh Assembly Government in Wales; “Social” in its purpose – not public or private and not profit making; “Landlord” because that is what it is. Councils can only transfer their homes to Registered Social Landlords.
registered social landlord, see housing association.
Registered Social Landlord: a not-for-profit organization registered with Housing Corporation in England or Welsh Assembly Government in Wales. Councils can only transfer their homes to RSLs. Top of the Page
abbr. Reserve Static Line, a line which connects the risers on the main to the closing pins of the reserve container. This is found on all student rigs, and automatically opens the reserve when the main is cut away. The reserve handle must still be pulled, as the RSL should not be relied upon.
Reserve Static Line. A line from the main cutaway handle to automatically deploy the reserve.
Reserve Static Line, a backup device for automatically deploying the reserve if the skydiver cuts away their main canopy.
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Raytheon Systems Limited
Raytheon Systems Ltd
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Returned Services League
RSL usually refers to Real Salt Lake, a Major League Soccer club.
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relative sea level. Position of sea level relative to the land. RSL change measures the land movement versus the water movement over time.
Received Signal Level 1/2ÓÊÕÐźŵçÆ1/2
(Relative Sea Level): The long-term change in ocean water level measured by a tide gauge, including the (usually unknown) vertical motion of the gauge plus the change in the water due to eustatic, steric, and/or wind-driven effects.
Remote Sprint Launch site. These were arrayed around the central MSR complex at roughly northeast/northwest/southeast/southwest locations. More information.
The Radcliffe Science Library on Parks Road, where all the Bodleian's science books and periodicals are kept.
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Registry size limit / Resource specification language, more information ...
registry size limit. A universal maximum for registry space that prevents an application from filling the paged pool with registry data. The total amount of space that can be consumed by registry data (hives) is restricted by the registry size limit.
RAISE Specification Language
Resource Specification Language. Term used to describe a GRAM job for GT2 and GT3. (Note: This is not the same as RLS - the Replica Location Service)
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Recent School Leaver
renal solute load. the amount of wastes that must be excreted by the kidneys.
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See rate-sensitive liabilities.