Definitions for "RAMA"
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Hero of the Ramayana epic poem.
(lit., one who is pleasing, delightful) The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Rama is seen as the embodiment of dharma and is the object of great devotion. He is the central character in the Indian epic Ramayana.
An incarnation of the Supreme Lord as a perfect righteous king, born as the son of Dasharatha and Kaushalya. Rama is also a name of Lord Krishna, meaning "the source of all pleasure," and a name of Lord Balarama and Lord Parashurama. As part of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, refers to the highest eternal pleasure of Lord Krishna; may also refer to Lord Balarama or Lord Ramacandra.
RAMA is a first-person adventure game developed and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1996. The game is based on Arthur C. Clarke's books Rendezvous with Rama and Rama II and supports both DOS and Windows 95.
Rama is a mysterious extraterrestrial vessel that is the subject and setting of the science fiction novel Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, and the later sequel trilogy by Clarke and Gentry Lee: Rama II, Garden of Rama, and Rama Revealed. It exists in a fictional future timeline of our own world.
(acronym for Rabbi Moshe Isserles; c. 1530-1572): author of the Mapah, a halachic commentary incorporated into the *Shulchan Aruch which presents the Ashkenazic halachic perspective
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transliteration of rum
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An abbreviation for Matchorama. (See Matchorama).
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a great place if you have kids, or if you just have someone who eats alot
an: The ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is regarded as the most sacred month.
a full service sign company providing excellent service and superior signage
Remote Access for Marketing Authorisations - an on-line subscription service which allows the pharmaceutical industry and others to access the non-confidential information on the PLUS database.
Reactor Analysis Implicit Algorithm
a global company offering top quality workmanship and customer service
Rendering, Animation, and Modelling Architecture, a project to develop a set of interfaces and plugins for free software 3D applications.
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an album which is pretty much summed up by its title