Definitions for "Govinda"
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Cow-keeper. A name of Krsna
(friend of cows) Name of Lord Krishna, which means "He, who bestows joy to the land, cows and the senses" (also Gopala: Krishna as cowherd) ( BV-37). He as the blessing of the cows.
Krishna, the proprietor of the cows, the earth, and the senses of His devotees; "one who gives pleasure ( vinda) to the cows ( go) and senses (also go); may also refer to Lord Chaitanya's personal servant.
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Govind Arun Ahuja (born December 21, 1963 in Virar, Maharashtra India), popularly known as Govinda, is an actor in Hindi films. Starting with his debut in 1985, he has acted in over 120 Hindi films. In 2004, he joined politics, winning a parliamentary seat from Mumbai (formerly "Bombay").
Govinda was a hit single by British band Kula Shaker released in 1996, led by Crispian Mills, the son of actress Hayley Mills. The song is notable for its heavy Indian influences such as the tamboura and is unique in being the only British Top Ten hit to be sung entirely in Sanskrit.
Oh Govinda