Definitions for "Tulsi"
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Plant and birth place of Vaishnava saint Andal (woman)
'Basil'. Variety of plant in the mint family, native to warm regions. Its aromatic leaves have inherent healing qualities and are also often used as seasoning. Considered extremely holy and auspicious in Hinduism, so much so that most traditional Hindu homes reserve a special place for a shrub just outside their houses. Used as a fragrant offering to God. Wood of the plant is also used in the making of beads for rosaries and kanthis.
or TULSI SAHIB (1763-1843)—Shama Rao Peshwa, the elder brother of Baji Rao Peshwa. Renouncing all worldly ambitions for spiritual enlightemnent, he settled at Hathras as Tulsi Sahib: author of Ghat Ramayana, the inner version of the great epic; passed his spiritual mantle on to Soami Ji Maharaj of Agra who greatly venerated his mentor from quite an early age when he came under his influence.
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Tulsi Sen Gupta is an American player of the tambura. She played on a number of albums by Alice Coltrane in the early 1970s (credited simply as "Tulsi"). She also appeared as part of the Alice Coltrane Group at Carnegie Hall (21 February 1971).