Definitions for "Aniruddha"
A son of Pradyumna and grandson of Krishna. Aniruddhaâ€(tm)s eternal consort, Usha, sequestered him in the palace of her father, Bana, where Aniruddha was captured and had to be rescued by Krishna, Balarama, and the Yadava army. He appears in Dvaraka and Mathura as the fourth of the original quadruple vyuha expansions of the Supreme Lord, and He again expands from Lord Narayana in Vaikuntha, in the second quadruple, as the ruler of intelligence.
Krishna's grandson, Lord (Krishna's expansion); one of the four original expansions of Lord Krishna in the spiritual world. (BV-14)
one of the four original expansions of Lord Kåñëa in the spiritual world; also, a grandson of Lord Kåñëa.
'Unobstructed'; one of the ten great disciples of the Buddha, renowned for his divine sight.