Definitions for "Lingam"
Keywords:  shiva, phallus, worship, siva, yoni
The phallic symbol under which Siva is principally worshiped in his character of the creative and reproductive power.
the Shiva's symbol. It's a stone in the form of a cylinder, sometimes egg-shaped. The lingam is always dwelling in Shiva temples; He represents the creative power of the God and is unanimously worshipped by all hindu people.
A phallic symbol thorugh which Shiva is worshiped as a god of fertility.
Keywords:  kama, tantric, sutra, indian, lipstick
Ancient Indian term for the penis or a representation of the penis; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric sex. Lipstick Lesbians
Ancient Indian term for the penis. The term appears in the Kama Sutra and is often associated with Tantric sex.