Definitions for "Gentry "
Birth; condition; rank by birth.
People of education and good breeding; in England, in a restricted sense, those between the nobility and the yeomanry.
1) in the U.K., a traditionally aristocratic armigerous social class ranking below the peerage. 2) outside the U.K., the untitled armigerous nobility.
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Gentry aids in the entry of data into a MySQL database through the use of a GUI. It requires a database and table on a local MySQL server and connects using your username. From there, the program builds a data entry screen based on the table columns.
Gentry is the civilized way to enter data into a MySQL database. I wrote this progam as I was tired of typing "insert into table values (..." statements over and over and also wanted a chance to learn GTK. This program will connect to a database and tab
Courtesy; civility; complaisance.
the most powerful members of a society
The gentry of the United States is largely the society of the upper class for America, with wide variations of income and wealth not unlike other parts of the world. Members of the American gentry are generally not members of the hereditary, but certainly can be and are. Some scholars, most notably David Brooks (journalist), have theorized that the gentry has established itself as a "new upper class."
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commoners who had a private income and had no need to work