Definitions for "Microfilter"
Device that separates the ADSL data signal from the telephone signal so that the ADSL data signal does not interfere with the telephone device.
Similar in functionality to the aforementioned Splitter, but these are used for self-install variants of ADSL. They usually present two sockets as before, but instead of replacing the master socket faceplate, they plug-in to the original one
a small device that looks similar to the Y-adaptors you can buy to plug two phones into one socket
Membrane filter used to trap microorganisms suspended in water. Filters are usually installed on dental unit waterlines near the point of use as a retrofit device. Microfiltration commonly occurs at a filter pore size of 0.03 to 10 microns. Sediment filters commonly found in dental unit water regulators range from 20 to 90 microns pore size and do not function as microbiological filters.
Process which dramatically increases contrast, brightness and colour reproduction