Definitions for "ITV"
improved TOW vehicle
Inspecció n Té cnica del Vehí culo
Internally Transportable Vehicle
Interactive TV. The concept of a TV extended with interactive capabilities and services
Interaction Television 1/2»»¥Ê1/2
(Interactive Television)
Informazioni Tariffarie Vincolanti
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mproved OW ehicle. M901. Home
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Network which aired JB's Holmes series in Britain
Inspectors Test Valve. A valve used in a functional test of a sprinkler system to simulate a sprinkler head opening. This also serves as a functional test of the flow switch to determine the amount of time it takes for the alarm signal to send to the fire alarm control panel.
Technical institute of wine which works on techniques of growing and elaboration of wines.
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in-transit visibility
Two-way communications between the TV viewer and service providers.