Definitions for "visibility"
The greatest distance at which it is just possible to see and recognize with the unaided eye (1) in the daytime, a prominent dark object against the sky at the horizon, and (2) at night, a known, preferably unfocused, moderately intense light source.
A term used in describing the transparency of the atmosphere, and defined by the maximum distance at which a suitable object can be seen.
Periods at which a celestial object, either natural or artificial, is visible from a point on Earth.
the position of a web page in search engines or directories.
In the context of this ranking, the term refers to link visibility: The number of external inlinks received by an institutional domain. The most used syntax for this request in search engines is: –
Interpreters need to see the speakers, the meeting room and, in particular, the screens used during a conference. Indeed, body language and gestures are an integral part of any discourse and need to be taken in by the interpreter in order to fully understand a speaker. The reaction of an audience, the expressions on participants' faces, the goings and comings in the room, are all part of the message the interpreter needs for his/her job. This is why the location of the booths is so important. They must be placed so that the interpreters, from their seats, can see the rostrum, the speakers, the screens and as much as possible of the room.
The ability of users of a place to see and be seen. Visibility ensures that public spaces are subject to informal surveillance by the maximum number of people.
The ability to understand and interact with enterprise data for analysis and for making better business decisions.
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an indicator( plus, minus, hash) indicating whether a rolename | attribute | operation can be accessed from outside a class. Rational Rose uses some neat little icons involving keys and locks to indicate the degree of visibility of attributes, operations, and roles. [ Privacy in uml1 ] [ ] W X Y Z
quality or fact or degree of being visible; perceptible by the eye or obvious to the eye; "low visibility caused by fog"
degree of exposure to public notice; "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"; "he prefers a low profile"
The ability to receive real-time information and view data from all tiers of a company's supply chain, from the raw materials all the way to the needs of consumers.
capability of providing a clear unobstructed view; "a windshield with good visibility"
in a map view, layers are visible if 2 conditions are met: 1. visibility is enabled by checking the visibility box in the map side bar, and 2. the scale of the map view is zoomed in sufficiently close to provide a meaningful display.
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ASL Browser
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n. Kudos, importance (as in: "This project has very high visibility.").
Each satellite simultaneously sees all transmitters within a 5000-km-diameter visibility circle. The duration of transmitter visibility by a satellite (or of the satellite pass over the transmitter) is the period during which the satellite can receive messages from the transmitter. For a 5° elevation angle, the duration ranges from eight to fifteen minutes; the average is ten minutes.
An enumeration whose value (public, protected, or private) denotes how the model element to which it refers may be seen outside its enclosing namespace.
At a given point in a program text, the declaration of an entity with a certain identifier is said to be visible if the entity is an acceptable meaning for an occurrence at that point of the identifier. The declaration is visible by selection at the place of the selector in a selected component or at the place of the name in a named association. Otherwise, the declaration is directly visible, that is, if the identifier alone has that meaning.
The characteristic of a variable or function that describes the parts of the program in which it can be accessed. An item has global visibility if it can be referenced in every source file constituting the program. Otherwise, it has local visibility.
The degree to which something in a program (e.g. a variable, method, class, interface, or package) may be seen from other parts of the program.
The accessibility of methods and instance variables to other classes and packages, through the use of access modifiers: public, protected, package or private.
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How far you see in a world. Can be set by user between 22 to 120 meters. Even if visibility is set below 120 m, it can rise to that if frame rate is good
A measure of how far and how well an observer can see through the atmosphere.
The level of predictability of upcoming financial data about a company, especially...
How well-placed your web site is in the search engines for relevant keyword searches.
Keywords such as public, protected and private.
Visibility is a mathematical abstraction of the real-life notion of visibility.
The extent to which future projections are probable.
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Visibility is seeing what is coming to know if and when change is needed.
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The quality or state of being visible.