Definitions for "Penumbra"
An incomplete or partial shadow.
The shadow cast, in an eclipse, where the light is partly, but not wholly, cut off by the intervening body; the space of partial illumination between the umbra, or perfect shadow, on all sides, and the full light.
The penumbra is the portion of the Moon's shadow from which only a portion of the Sun's light is blocked. If you are in the penumbra, you are seeing a partial eclipse.
Penumbra is a domain that makes up part of the World of Darkness multiverse, a role-playing game developed by White Wolf Game Studio.
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Penumbra is an episode from the seventh season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the first of the ten final chapters. The production code of the episode is 567. First aired April 7, 1999.
a blurred area in a radiograph at the edge of an anatomical structure
Penumbra is a file system module for the Linux kernel and a collection of userland tools for handling said file system. The Penumbra file system allows mounting already mounted directories onto a second directory.
The part of a picture where the shade imperceptibly blends with the light.
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Penumbra is a French gothic metal band.
a body of rights held to be guaranteed by implication in a civil constitution