Definitions for "DUSK"
Tending to darkness or blackness; moderately dark or black; dusky.
Imperfect obscurity; a middle degree between light and darkness; twilight; as, the dusk of the evening.
Same as Civil Dusk; the time at which the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening. At this time objects are distinguishable but there is no longer enough light to perform any outdoor activities.
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'For information on the album by the rock band The The, see Dusk (The The album). ''For information on the album by the rock band Badlands, see Dusk (Badlands album).
Dusk is Badlands's third and final album. It was originally recorded in 1992-1993 as a demo to submit to their label.
Dusk is the 5th album by The The, recorded in 1992 and released by Sony Records in January 1993. The album peaked at #2 in the UK, and did not chart in America.
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Is an Open Source Uchrony, analyzing information in the nexus dimension. From Hong Kong to Siberia, this first book is the starting point of an utopia in direct reference to History, evolving within a complex 5-degree social network.
Dusk was an identity used by several fictional superheroes in the Marvel Universe. It was eventually adopted by Gothic college student Cassie St. Commons, who appeared in the Marvel Comics' series, Slingers.
Dusk is a traditional Windows irc script , now ported to BitchX. It enhances the client adding commands that recall those available on common Windows scripts, and it adds the long-awaited Portuguese language support for the most popular console IRC client.
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A darkish color.
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To grow dusk.
To make dusk.