Definitions for "Sculling"
Keywords:  oar, rower, sweep, quad, row
A type of rowing in which two oars are used by each rower, one in each hand. Differs from "sweep" or "crew" racing in which one oar is used by each rower.
This what you call rowing when you use two oars either in a single (1x), double (2x), quad (4x), or octuple (8x).
a type of rowing sanctioned by racing organizations, in which each rower faces backwards and uses a pair of oars which are levers of the 1st order.
A supporting stroke that keeps the paddle in the water at all times in a repeated arching motion. Used to support the paddler after a capsize or when encountering a difficult stretch of water.
A (kayaking) figure-8 paddle stroke resembling spreading butter back and forth with a knife. The blade is constantly rising toward the surface. Light sculling with an upright paddle moves the boat in the direction of the paddle (sculling draw). With pressure on a more horizontal blade, you can prevent capsizing (sculling brace).