Definitions for "Pavement"
That with which anything is paved; a floor or covering of solid material, laid so as to make a hard and convenient surface for travel; a paved road or sidewalk; a decorative interior floor of tiles or colored bricks.
The name given to the whole construction. General term for the whole road.
Road structure - includes road surface and underlying structural layers
"pavimentazione, lastrico, strada lastricata; marciapiede (Brit. Engl.)"
Pavement is a New Zealand youth culture magazine published bimonthly, and then quarterly, by Bernard Mc Donald from 1993 to 2006.
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Pavement was an American indie rock band in the 1990s. Although they experienced only moderate commercial success, they achieved a significant cult following, and their music has been a major influence on many bands of the late 1990s and beyond. They are largely considered as one of the first rock bands of the current age to gain a moderately wide degree of success without the support of a major label.
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To furnish with a pavement; to pave.
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a common problem
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material used to pave an area