Definitions for "CharGer "
For charging the NiCad racing pack batteries. Chargers range from simple "charge leads" (charge off a motorcar's 12V battery) to fully automatic peak-detection chargers. Take care NEVER TO OVERCHARGE your racing packs. Overcharging will destroy your NiCads and may even cause fire.
Chargers convert 110 volt household current to dc voltage to replenish power to a battery pack. There are two types of chargers.
Device used to recharge batteries and usually supplied with the radio if NiCad batteries are included.
A large dish.
The title "charger" comes from traditional dinner settings and is the large plate that is used under the dinner plate for decorative purposes. These large plates have become a popular medium for paintings, as their large size allows for complicated scenes.
a type of platter on which to serve food or drink
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a creature that seems to be only able to walk on four legs
a good value product for AEG's beginner
a must if your want to be able to use your AEG
A horse for battle or parade.
formerly a strong horse ridden into battle
kind of horse One of the several species of riding animal that we translate as "horse". Chargers are different from terrestrial horses in many ways; they have feathers as well as hair, and claws, and are omnivorous. They are aggressive and brave. Ordinary people generally prefer other kinds of horses.
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(n.) See clip.
See Cartridge Clip.
an important BlackBerry accessory
CharGer is a conceptual graph editor intended to support research projects and education. It currently is primarily an editor to create visual displays of graphs. It is deliberately and explicitly a research tool meant for conceptual graph researchers to explore implementation issues in conceptual graph interfaces.
a piece that can function both as a display item and as a practical addition to the table
A piece of sadware, 18 inches (460mm) or greater in diameter.
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an automobile component
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a rare form in this highly collected art form
An instrument for measuring or inserting a charge.
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One who, or that which charges.