Definitions for "BEC"
Battery Eliminator Circuitry. This feature enables a speed controller to operate a receiver from the same battery that the motor uses. BEC saves weight, as it eliminates the receiver battery.
Battery Eliminator Circuitry. Allows receiver to draw power from a main battery pack, eliminating the need for (and weight of) a receiver battery.
Battery Elimination Circuit. A circuit, usually contained within the speed controller or ESC, which allows the radio control receiver to be run from the motor battery. This saves carrying the extra weight of a separate receiver battery. The 5 volts needed for the receiver is supplied by reducing the input voltage. Because of this most ESCs only support BEC up to a certain number of cells (and therefore a certain voltage input) and for a specified number of servos. Over these the heat produced by the voltage reduction may fry the controller.
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BRAC ENVIRONMENTAL COORDINATOR. The Navy's representative on the BCT. to top
BRAC Environmental Coordinator. The military department member of the three-member BRAC Cleanup Team, the BEC is responsible for implementing all environmental cleanup programs related to closure in an expeditious and cost effective manner in accordance with the BRAC Cleanup Plan.
Bec is a book by Darren Shan in The Demonata series. It is the fourth book released of the series but so far it will be first chronologically. The protagonist of the book is the central character Bec.
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Business Enterprise Centre (also known as the Programme Support Unit). The Business Enterprise Centre promotes and co-ordinates the successful implementation of ERDF projects by using the expertise that Lancaster University can provide to aid SMEs in the North West. The BEC will develop the primary interface between the University and regional businesses, facilitating SME access to the University's academic and technological resources.
Business English Certificates of the University of Cambridge
Business Enterprise Centre. community-based organisations located in city and rural areas that provide assistance to foster viable local economic enterprise.
Busch Entertainment Corp
Broadway Entertainment Company (4)
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Bose-Einstein Condensation
Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church
Biogeoclimatic Zone. Ecosystem classification system used in British Columbia, with 14 broad climatically distinct areas which are further differentiated by distinct patterns of vegetation and soil.
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See bus extension card (BEC).
bus extension card. The bus extension driver card or the bus extension receiver card.
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backward error correction
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Basic Education Circular
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See Elapsed Cost