Definitions for "Prosecutor"
The person who institutes and carries on a criminal suit against another in the name of the government.
A person who presents evidence and conducts the case against an accused person in criminal proceedings. In Local Courts, he or she is usually a specially trained member of the police force. In criminal trials he or she is called a crown prosecutor and is usually appointed from the ranks of practising barristers.
One who initiates an accusation against a party suspected of committing a crime; also one who takes charge of a case or performs the function of a trial lawyer in a criminal case on behalf of the state or the people.
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a sworn officer of the court, obliged to "uphold justice" and "find the truth"
The person who institutes legal proceedings against another, usually the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
One who brings an action against another in the name of the government.
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a member of that community
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One who prosecutes or carries on any purpose, plan, or business.
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Person who prosecutes (see PROSECUTION)