Definitions for "Injunction"
The act of enjoining; the act of directing, commanding, or prohibiting.
That which is enjoined; an order; a mandate; a decree; a command; a precept; a direction.
A writ or process, granted by a court of equity, and, in some cases, under statutes, by a court of law, whereby a party is required to do or to refrain from doing certain acts, according to the exigency of the writ.
an appropriate mechanism to ensure that competing priorities do not overwhelm MARTA's obligation to comply with the ADA
a continuing threat to those named as subject to it, of the pains of contempt proceedings if they disobey its provisions
Keywords:  admonition, formal, command
a formal command or admonition
Keywords:  merits, ruling
a ruling on the merits
(TT): ...part of the script apparatus and can be conceived as a negative message from [parent to child]. p. 59
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See temporary injunction and permanent injunction.