Definitions for "Gamaka"
embellishment imparted to a swara; there are several types of gamakas
The most essential element in Carnatic Music (also Hindustani Music) - the embellishment of the swara. The particular rendering of the swara is the feature of Raga bhava.
An important embellishment in music-making, vocal as well as instrumental. In it, musical notes are so produced as to touch upon the lower as well as the upper adjacent notes by resorting to a vibratory mode of vocalizing or playing.
(1)Ornamentation in general ; (2) Shaking sounds produced by using the diaphragm
a shake or oscillation of a note, also known as bending the pitch. It is a deliberate decoration of wavering of a note to add grace and beauty. There are over 10 types of gamaka, listed here