Definitions for "Karnataka"
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state in southern India; formerly Mysore
Karnātakā (Kannada: ಕನಾ೯ಟಕ) is one of the four southern states of India. The modern state of Karnataka came into existence with the passage of the States Reorganisation Act (1956), with the incorporation of districts under the dominion of Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras State and Coorg within the existing state of Mysore State.
The Welsh progressive rock band Karnataka were formed in 1997 by founder members Ian Jones (bass/guitars), Rachel Jones (vocals) and Jonathan Edwards (keyboards). The three had previously worked together for some time before going their separate ways with various local bands based around the Swansea area, before finally regrouping due to a desire to record some of the songs they had written together. Ian built a home studio and bought a mixing desk so that the trio were able to start recording.
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One of the South Indian states, with many jungles and now famous for the Information Technology boom.