Definitions for "Tak"
Keywords:  mueang, nong, rahaeng, ngoen, tambon
Tak is a town (thesaban mueang) in northwest of Thailand, capital of the Tak Province and the Tak district. As of 2005 the town has a population of 19,900 and an area of 7.27 km². It covers the tambon Rahaeng, Nong Luang, Chiang Ngoen and Hua Diat.
Tak (born Takbir Bashir) is a member of the hip hop ensemble Styles of Beyond. He is also associated with the Demigodz and Fort Minor. He has been friends with Linkin Park and Fort Minor frontman Mike Shinoda for ten years.
Tak is an extradimensional entity existing within the Stephen King Universe. Its activities are limited to the Stephen King and Richard Bachman Novels Desperation and The Regulators, respectively (two books which are, in fact, parallel worlds of one other).
Woody substance burned for its aromatic scent.
Tak is a recursive mathematical function defined as