Definitions for "Spread Betting"
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Not to be confused with SPREADS. Also known in the U.S. as the ACTION LINE or MONEY LINE. In spread betting you win or lose according to how right or wrong your prediction of the result of an event will be. It is extremely volatile and can lead to large wins and losses. See the articles on spread betting in the learn to win arenas for more details.
A type of betting derived from financial markets where the player bets on a 'spread' of numbers relating to a particular event - for example,number of corners in a football game,first throw in,points in Rugby Union, or the number of lengths between named horses at the end of the race. The Bookmaker quotes the spread: say, regarding the number of points to be scored by one side in a Rugby game, 28-30. If you think the side will score more than 30, you 'buy' at 30; if fewer, you 'sell' at 28, and stipulate your stake per point. If you buy the spread at £1 and the team scores only 25, you lose £5 - 30 minus 25 leaves 5, which multiplied by your stake is £5; if that team scores 35, you win £5.So, in spread betting the more right you are, the more you win - and by the same token the more wrong you are, the more you will lose.
Here, your wins and losses can be large. The bet depends on how right or wrong your prediction of the result of an event will be.
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(Action Line) See money line