Definitions for "SEMI-BLUFF"
Keywords:  bluff, bluffing, sklansky, chance, hope
A bet or raise with a drawing hand. Can win by either making the other players fold or the draw being successful.
A bet or raise made by a poker player without a made hand (which is likely to be losing) but with a chance of making a strong poker hand that is likely to win the hand. For example in a Texas Holdem poker game, a poker player with Ad-9d and a flop and turn of Kd-6d-4s-7c does not yet have anything of real value (only Ace high) but has a chance of making the nut flush on the river or could win with an Ace on the river, to make a pair of Aces. A bet or raise in this situation could win the pot uncontested (if no-one calls) or could be called and proceed to make the winning poker hand.
To bluff with a come hand that figures to win if it hits.
Keywords:  mediocre, wager, cards, you
to make a wager when you have a mediocre cards.