Definitions for "Lofting"
Keywords:  foul, throwing, lane, beyond, alley
Tossing the ball far out beyond the foul line. Normally caused by a late release.
The act of throwing the ball onto the lane instead of rolling it.
Throwing the ball out onto the lane rather than rolling it.
Keywords:  plume, aloft, lid, inversion, inhibits
The isolation of a pollutant plume aloft, occurring when the plume is emitted or disperses to a position above a stable layer or temperature inversion lid that inhibits downward dispersion and isolates the plume from lower layers near the ground.
Keywords:  spline, path, along, shape, object
A shape (spline) is used to create a path along which an object is created.
Keywords:  chat, talking, private
Talking In Private Chat (The Loft)
Keywords:  shooting, arc, marble, hit, popping
The act of shooting a marble through the air in an arc to hit a marble in the ring. Also called Popping.
The process of converting scale plans or offsets into full-size construction drawings.