Definitions for "Vulnerability"
The susceptibility of a population to a specific type of event. Vulnerability is also associated with the degree of possible or potential loss from a risk that results from a hazard at a given intensity. The factors that influence vulnerability include demographics, the age and resilience of the environment, technology, social differentiation and diversity, as well as regional and global economics and politics. vulnerability analysis The assessment of an exposed populations' susceptibility to the adverse health effects of a particular hazard. See also hazard; vulnerability.
Point where a system can be attacked.
Susceptible to physical or emotional injury.
The exposure of a habitat community or individual (or individual colony) to an external factor to which it is sensitive (Hiscock, 1996).
Vulnerability often refers to four sectors (forests, water, livestock and agriculture) that will suffer due to potential climate change. Bolivia, for example, a self-sustained, landlocked Andean country with geographic contrasts, is very vulnerable to climate changes.
the state of being vulnerable or exposed; "his vulnerability to litigation"; "his exposure to ridicule"
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"Vulnerability" is a Punk song by the Ska-Core band Operation Ivy written by Lead Vocalist Jesse Michaels released on the Energy LP. =Overview=
A worship leader's willingness to dip anecdotally into his own experiences, especially those which make him look like a buffoon. Other ways of displaying vulnerability are the closing of eyes, the raising of hands, and the production of tears.
a place where it is possible to introduce a fault
a tendency toward micromanaging the work of subordinates, a fault visible to peers and subordinates alike
a feature of a system or organisation that can be used bypass security and protection measures
a method that people can use to bypass virus scanning
The characteristics of a system that causes it to suffer a degradation (loss or reduction of capability to perform the designated mission) as a result of having been subjected to a certain (defined) level of effects in an unnatural (man-made) hostile environment. Vulnerability is considered a subset of survivability.
presence of factors that place people at risk of becoming food insecure or malnourished
Refers to the problem of high power radiation causing permanent damage to electronic devices. Important in EMC compliance.
Degree of loss (from 0% to 100%) resulting from a potential damaging phenomenon.
Characterization of the nature and extent of damage that may occur during flooding.
The state assigned to each pair in advance (in duplicate bridge, vulnerability is indicated on boards, in rubber bridge, it is determined in other ways). Vulnerability affects the scoring, i.e. both size of bonuses for making contracts and penalties. In duplicate bridge, boards are designed so that every pair is vulnerable on approximately 50%, and non-vulnerable on other 50% of deals. Vulnerability affects bidding tactics, as the ratios between potential scores available for both pairs change.
a topic that is important to your customers that they are not satisfied with
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The quality or state of being vulnerable; vulnerableness.
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statement of which side, if any, is vulnerable.
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see Resistance