Definitions for "Refugium"
A tank that sits external to your main tank but shares the same water via an overflow or attached to a sump. Refugiums are generally used to isolate certain plants or grow items that need to be isolated such as macro algae.
A separate tank which shares water and filtration with the main aquarium. Used for growing Nitrate reducing Algae, raising live food, and isolating inhabitants from the main tank.
a body of water physically separated from the main tank, but which shares a common circulation and water supply, for the purpose of growing beneficial animals and plants)
A locality that has escaped drastic alteration following climatic change, in contrast to the region as whole (plural refugia).
Locations and habitats that support populations of organisms that are limited to small fragments of their previous geographic range.
an area in which a population of organisms can survive through a period of unfavorable conditions
a good tool for controlling nutrients, but it can take months for it to get ahead of a high nutrient load
a great way to grow macroalgae for nutrient export and nurturing microcrustaceans for food
a great way to redirect some of the nutrients that would normally feed bryopsis
A physically sectioned off portion of the water column (and accompanying substrate), inaccessible to predators, such that it allows and promotes the proliferation of micro crustaceans and other plankton producing organisms. See also : Refugium Information
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