Definitions for "ADX"
A technical indicator that quantifies the strength of the markets trend. 10-15 flat market, 16-25 trading range, 26-40 trending, 41+ hypertrend.
A Welles Wilder trading system. Commonly used to determine whether a market is trending, or moving sideways. A high ADX reading indicates a trending market. A rising ADX indicates a trending market (either up or down). If the ADX reaches 40 or greater, look for a signal that indicates the trend is over. An ADX of 20 or less indicates a sideways market.
DI & ADX are used for identifying when a definable trend is present in a security/stock. That is, the DMI tells whether an stock is trending or not. The scale for the DMI is from 0-100. The Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) is a moving average of the DMI.
ADX is a lossy proprietary audio storage and compression format developed by CRI Middleware specifically for use in video games. The format is similar in principal to ADPCM but offers smaller storage sizes, the sound quality is quite impressive given the extremely small sample size used. The format also provides a looping feature that has proved useful for background music in various games that have adopted the format, such as the Dreamcast and later generation Sonic the Hedgehog games from SEGA.
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Aqua color ~ 509nm
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Advanced Data Exchange