Definitions for "MOVING AVERAGE"
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Moving averages are one way to view historical price levels. Moving average take into account some number of price periods (a new period is added and the oldest is dropped from the calculation) to show average price over time. It is possible to weight more recent prices and by linearly or exponentially smoothing the average lines. The longer the averaging period, the more lag you will see between the average and the most recent prices.
The average of security or commodity prices in a given time period ranging from days to years with the objective to determine trends for the latest time intervals. As new variables are included in the calculation of the moving average, the last variable of the series is deleted.
A technical analysis term meaning the average price of a security over a specified time period.
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a curved trendline line
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A COT plot. Net Longs is comprised of three components, each representing the net number of contracts traded long (longs minus shorts) by each trading group. Each of the three plots corresponds to a trading group: Commercials, Large traders and Small traders.
an indicator that reveals
a popular technical indicator which can be use to generate a buy or a sell recommendation
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(see Filters)
maintenance call managed account
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a moving mean of data