Definitions for "Secular Trend"
Trend that can be seen only by observing several generations, such as the trend toward earlier attainment of adult height and sexual maturity, which began a century ago. (332)
long-term trend either up or down in the price or level of a commodity, price structure, inflation rate, etc, which is not influenced by seasonal variations or distortions.
Refers to a trend over time.
Changes over a long period of time, generally years or decades.
puberty has been occurring earlier by 3 to 4 months per decade since mid 1800s. In mid 1800s, average age for menarche was 15.5-16.5. Now the average age in U.S. is 12.5. Another effect is that people grow larger. Males average an inch and 10 pounds heavier than their fathers; Females grow 1/2 inch to an inch more than their mothers and weigh about 2 pounds more on average.
a powerful long-term market movement driven by underlying fundamentals
a powerful long-term market movement driven Live Currency Exchange Rates - Forex Quotes World Indices
Consistent pattern of change over generations.