Definitions for "Ranges"
The several upper limits a meter will measure as selectable by a switch or by jacks; for example, a voltmeter may have ranges of 1 volt, 2.5 volts, 10 volts, 25 volts, and 100 volts.
Under the Advisory Guidelines, the upper and lower limits for the amount of spousal support, or the duration of spousal support, as determined by the appropriate formula. The formulas generate ranges for amount and duration, rather than precise numbers as under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.
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Ranges - (1.) Lev. 11:35. Probably a cooking furnace for two or more pots, as the Hebrew word here is in the dual number; or perhaps a fire-place fitted to receive a pair of ovens.
Between the meridians are columns called ranges that are numbered in consecutive order moving westward from each meridian.
The shelves where library materials are kept in call number order. Also called stacks.