Definitions for "BTS "
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The BTS is a Web based task and time recording program. It is designed for multiple users, and it allows managers to view the tasks of their employees without messy paper. It has reporting features to view the tasks on which users have been spending their time.
Base Station Transcever»ùÕ3/4
Base Tranceiver Station Click for explanation
Brevet de technicien supérieur (upper technical non-university degree).
Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (Higher technician certificate)
Balance To Ship. (KMART) The quantity needed for a promotion. . (KMART) The quantity of inventory or ATS that will be shipped out to the stores for a promotion. This quantity is excluded for turn inventory and replenishment calculations. Balance or remaining quantity of a promotion or order that has yet to ship (backorder).
Balance to Ship. Balance or remaining quantity of a promotion or order that has yet to ship. Also see: Backorder
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Bancomer Transfer Servicies
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Burglary Takings Squad
Shoe industry abbreviation for "Back To School." Many need new sneakers for gym class or just for kicks.
Banking Telemarketing Systems
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British Thoracic Society
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Batch Terminal Simulator
Business Transaction Services. A set of CICS-provided application and support services for use with complex business transactions (i.e. a business transaction made up of two or more CICS transactions).
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Broadband Telephone System.
Border and Transportation Security
Bureau of Transportation Statistics [US
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Battery Temperature Sensor.
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Boats. [page 8
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Buy to Sell