Definitions for "Upgrading"
means the process of converting heavy oil or bitumen in synthetic crude oil.
The conversion of heavy bitumen into a lighter crude oil by increasing the ratio of hydrogen to carbon, either by removing carbon (coking) or adding hydrogen (hydroprocessing).
To raise a grade to a higher one or a level to a higher level. Some courses require pre-requisites. If you don't meet the pre-requisites with a high enough mark, you may have to take one of Kwantlen's upgrading classes first.
The process where a collector progressively improves the quality of a numismatic collection by replacing lesser quality coins with higher graded examples.
The advancement of a job to a higher grade or salary range. V__________
An increase in the quality rating of a bond or other security as a result of fresh optimism about a firm and its prospects.
Raising the quality rating of a security because of new optimism about the prospects of a firm due to tangible or intangible factors. This can increase investor confidence and push up the price of the security.
Effort to increase a donorĂ¢â‚¬(tm)s giving level, particularly in annual fund appeals.
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Upset price Upside potential
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Re-refining in order to improve the purity normally of a gold bar from 995 to 999.9.