Definitions for "PROFILES"
A set of implementor agreements specifying the use of a particular standard (or group of standards) to support a particular application, function, community, environment, or class of information. A profile selects options, subsets, values of parameters, etc., where these choices are left open in the standard, and where these selections are necessary to accomplish identified functions. A profile may also specify aspects of client and server behavior that are beyond the scope of the base standards. Purpose of a profile include: (1) to provide a specification for vendors to build to, resulting in products that will interoperate; and (2) to provide a specification that customers may reference for procurement purposes.
a group of phone settings (ringing tones, keypad tones, warning tones) that you can customize. With profiles you can create sets of combined tones and screensavers to suit different environments or times of day.
Profiles show the traits, interests or circumstances of individual users, and may either be explicitly stored in a user data record or evaluated anonymously. The field of marketing in particular likes to use profiles to define target audiences, or for one-to-one marketing. Data protection requires that the provider notify the user and obtain his consent in order to store and process personal profiles.
Standards that allow different devices to operate with one another using Bluetooth wireless technology. Profiles are defined by the uses and features they allow devices to perform, such as printing or scanning from a computer. To share this information, the devices must be compatible with the same profile.
A profile is a collection of Java APIs that complements one or more Java 2 Platform Editions by adding domain-specific capabilities. Profiles may also include other defined profiles. A profile implementation requires a Java 2 Platform Edition to create a complete development and deployment environment in a targeted vertical market. Each profile is subject to an associated set of compatibility requirements. Profiles may be usable on one or more editions. Some examples of profiles within the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition are: * Personal Profile- for non-PC products that need to display Web-compatible Java-based content * Java Card - for secure smart cards and other severely memory-constrained devices.
The actual siding clapboard panels are called profiles. Some commonly sized profiles are D4, D5 and Dutchlap.
Workers are being assessed using a certain matrix, for instance what languages they speak, which products they can support... This 'profile' is then programmed into the ACD-system so it knows which calls it can transfer to each worker. Profiles are also being used for customers during data mining in order to determine who should be called during a certain promotion because he or she has just married... and has still not been lumbered with enough credit.
an excellent introductory text to the use of statistical analysis for assessing DNA evidence
a function describing the instantaneous throughput surface in terms of instantaneous RTT and instantaneous loss ratio
Sections Profile
In the context of this book, any cutout, cross-section, drawn shape, or flat fretted form.
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With respect to steels this term covers two types of products: (i) Shapes cut by flame, plasma or laser from steel sheet, plate or slab. (ii) Steel sheet cold roll formed or pressed to different profiles for use, for example, as cladding for buildings. It could also refer to the variation in gauge across the width of a flat rolled product.
A file used by color management software which profiles the color reproduction characteristics of a particular scanner, monitor, printer or proofing system or printing press.
a representation of the degree of relatedness between people
a documentary highlighting the diverse opportunities available to women in Federal Law Enforcement
Groupings of tests that laboratories or physicians design to simplify orders for lab services that are frequently performed together.
an indication of the person's ethnic background
Timber profiles; Horizontal boards attached level to stakes, used to mark out the boundary of a construction and establish the levels.
The description of a database object including its current state (on or off), properties, and current status (for example, its health). This description is maintained persistently by the broker in its binary configuration file.
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California Waste Stream Profiles