Definitions for "Highlighting"
(1) The display of text in inverse video or with a colored background, to designate a selection range. (2) A QuickDraw capability that displays background bits or pixels in a distinctive visual way, such as inverting them.
The use of transparent colored markers intended to draw attention to particular area of text in a book.
(1) Lighter shade or shades of hair color subtly laid onto small sections of the hair (formerly known as "frosting"). (2) The use of highlighter to open up the space between eyes and eyebrows, making the eyes look bigger, more open, and wide awake.
an area of lightness in a picture
A finish option in which material is applied to detailed areas of wood-paneled doors, fronts and profiled mouldings. Highlighting is applied to specific areas rather than the entire surface, resulting in a more refined look than Glazing.
v. Emphasizing a display element or segment by modifying its visual attributes
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See accent lighting.